Why Is This Important?


Coronavirus has caused major disruption to your study plans. We get it.

There’s so much you’ve had to sacrifice to make it to the start of your new academic year. So after all your effort to begin Semester 1, we’d hate to see you struggle just because your intentions are being misunderstood.

We know your intent is to quickly fit in and to do well in your studies. But what you might not realise are the many unsaid expectations about how this should be done – in the Australian context. Without this background cultural knowledge, your ability to settle into student life, integrate socially and adjust to a new academic system could be severely compromised – without you even realising what’s going on. In other words, you risk being misunderstood.

Our concern is that in all the rush, no-one takes the time to explain to you the really important “unwritten rules” about Australian culture that underpin all the other information, advice and support you receive. This could be detrimental to your student experience in Australia.


These are the culturally-determined expectations about how you should behave in certain situations.

“Unwritten rules” can be expectations of your Australian lecturers and study mates towards:

  • how you prioritise between getting tasks done and managing relationships
  • how you choose to communicate in certain situations – from classroom discussions to conversations with friends
  • how you prioritise your time and manage deadlines.

If you don’t meet their expectations, you risk falling behind in your studies, you risk being misunderstood and you could be missing out on opportunities to form valuable relationships.

But how could you possibly know how to behave if nobody takes the time to explain what their “unwritten” expectations are and what you can do about it?

Well, that’s the problem we solve for you with Digital O-Week!

How To Join The Program.


We’re ready for you to join Project Global Citizen Digital O-Week.

Our online cultural onboarding program is China-compliant and operational.

All we need is your education institution’s agreement to fund your placement into the program.

Here’s how you can help us speed up this process in time for Semester 1.

OPTION 1. Pre-register yourself using this link and we’ll send it to your institution requesting your acceptance into the program.

OPTION 2. Contact your institution directly (e.g. your international student advisor or your faculty’s Dean) and request that they agree to fund your placement into the program. Send them this link so they can quickly decide.

OPTION 3. If you prefer not to wait for your institution, you can pay first. If your institution later agrees to fund your placement into the program, we promise to refund you in full. The cost to join the program is AU $150 which can be paid securely via credit card. Contact us for payment details.

How Much Do You Need This?


Ask yourself the following questions to determine how much you’ll benefit from participating in Project Global Citizen Digital O-Week.

How well do I know the “unwritten rules” of Australian culture in relation to:

  1. how to make myself heard in the Australian classroom?
  2. how I should give and receive feedback to my lecturers and to my classmates without appearing rude or disrespectful?
  3. how Australians work differently to Chinese with regards to working in groups, meeting deadlines and giving presentations?
  4. whether it really is okay to ask for help e.g. asking my lecturer for an extension to a submission deadline if I’m struggling in my studies?
  5. what Australians really think of students from China, especially after all the news about Coronavirus?
  6. what the best way is to meet and connect with local Australians?
  7. how to fit in with Australians?
  8. what some good discussion topics are for starting a conversation with Australians?

If you’re thinking to yourself “I probably need someone to clearly explain these unwritten rules to me” you’re more than likely at risk of being misunderstood. Fear not – that’s what we’re here for!


  • Understand the “unwritten rules” of living in Australia, fully integrating into Australian society, personal safety and adjusting to a new academic system.
  • More than O-Week. We provide answers to your in-depth questions about the “unwritten rules” of Australian culture that often get overlooked.
  • Understand and effectively navigate cultural differences in relation to your personal academic and social situation during this period of transition and rapid change.
  • Living away from home and how you can get the most out of your Australian adventure.
  • A confidential cultural assessment of your personal cultural profile compared to Australia with a personal report and practical tips for narrowing any cultural gaps that could impact on your social and academic life here.
  • Access to an extensive library of information about Australia, including the cultural context to help you manage your individual cultural tendencies and behaviours.
  • Guides you to other resources and student support services in your Australian study location.
  • Connect with other Chinese students via our online WeChat community.

Proof the Program Works.


Culturally-Informed Solutions to Challenges.

Students have access to support services, but often cannot contextualise the help due to cultural differences.

They want someone to explain local cultural expectations and give them tips they can use to overcome barriers to success.

We are Australia’s first personal and professional development student program that focuses exclusively on culture as the missing link to surviving and thriving in a new country.


Evidence-Based Risk Management and Duty of Care.

Our data shows that students need help in these key areas: academic, social integration, personal safety and employability.


Cultural Competency as a Professional Skill.

Students appreciate that we are professional intercultural practitioners with a corporate background. We share practical solutions they can apply now and into their professional future.


Results from our 2019 Project Global Citizen Programs in Victoria


Interested to join the program? Any questions? We’d love to chat.