Crack the Code.

Cultural Cohesion Code helps college student-athletes develop cultural competency skills to achieve excellence on and off the field as global citizens who can survive and thrive anywhere in the world.

Founded by Project Global Citizen (Australia) and BrainStorm Training Group LLC (USA), the Cultural Cohesion Code program is a cultural competency accelerator program for college student-athletes.

The code:

Respect + Social Cohesion = Employability.

Our motto:

Fostering mutual respect.

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    Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings and Teamwork

    Have you ever expressed a good intention, only to be misunderstood by someone from a different background? Could cultural misperceptions be holding you or your team mates back?

    You’re not alone!

    The purpose of our programs is to achieve cultural cohesion in our locker rooms, on our campuses and within our broader community.

    We invite you to take the CC Code Survey to share your insights, no matter whether you’re a college student-athlete or someone who simply cares about cultural cohesion on and off campus.


    Who’s behind the CC Code?

    The Cultural Cohesion Code is a truly global partnership between thought leaders from Australia and the USA. 

    Adapted for delivery into the locker rooms in the US, the CC Code program is an evolution of the Project Global Citizen movement that originated in Australia in 2017. Project Global Citizen is a practical cultural competency accelerator program for international and domestic students that develops the right cross-cultural skills to be employable in any organisation around the world.

    About the creators of the CC Code.

    Lewis Johnson (USA) is a 10-time Olympic television commentator, celebrating 25 years in the business.

    • For many years he has also conducted media training for collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes, helping them become more effective communicators with the media.
    • Lewis is the President & Co-Founder at BrainStorm Training Group, LLC.

    Jacob Miles (USA) is an Award Winning, Entrepreneur, Esports Executive, Original Kenner Star Wars Engineer, Media & Toy Industry Analyst.

    • CEO of MAP Esports Network Inc.
    • Publisher of Esports-Futuri magazines and Commissioner of the PPL, PowerPlayers League.
    • Executive and entrepreneur with engineering, development, operations, licensing, sales experience in media, esports entertainment, toys, video games.

    Astrid Hofmann (Melbourne, Australia) is an intercultural consultant with over two and half decades of experience working with multi-national organizations on team dynamics.

    Craig Shim (Brisbane, Australia) is an intercultural consultant with over two decades of global marketing and cross-cultural consulting experience.

    • Previously based in Asia for 14 years (China, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia), Craig was an intercultural advisor to multinational corporations, foreign embassies and various agencies of the United Nations.
    • In Australia, he provides cross-cultural advice and intercultural executive coaching to organisations including Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike, PepsiCo and Mastercard.
    • Craig is a Director and Co-Founder of Project Global Citizen, and Director of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists.

    Register your interest.

    We’ll let you know about upcoming programs.